Physiological Chemistry and Physics

PCP Policy


PCP provides a forum for the review and publication of reports of original research in a broad range of subjects in biophysics, biochemistry and cellular physiology. Reports of direct applications of basic knowledge to human studies are invited; examples would include the measurements of relaxation times as part of NMR imaging. Single experiments, conclusions based on inadequate statistics, purely speculative papers, and clinical case reports are not accepted.

The pages of PCP are accessible to competing viewpoints, interpretations, theories and opinions. Debate is invited via Editorial Comments and Letters to the Editor. Criteria for evaluating submissions include soundness of the study and clarity of presentation, and papers are not rejected on the basis of interpretation or theory, however controversial. PCP believes that scientific issues should be settled by investigation and open debate, not by an appeal to anonymous authority.

PCP attempts to achieve a balance between freedom of expression and constructive peer review. All papers are refereed by reviewers who may remain anonymous, but the Chief Editors make all final decisions, and will handle appeals from authors who feel their papers are unfairly reviewed.

The Editors endeavor to make decisions regarding acceptance or rejection of manuscripts quickly, and have set self-imposed deadlines for doing so. Referees also are given deadlines.

Regular papers may be experimental or theoretical. Short notes, Priority notes and Letters in response to published papers are invited. Reviews are desired, but authors are urged to contact an Editor before sending a finished review manuscript. Symposia may be published as regular or supplemental issues.

Price is US $160.00 per volume in the United States and US $170.00 outside the United States. Physiological Chemistry and Physics and Medical NMR is published annually, the volume numbered yearly. New subscriptions will start with the first issue of the volume in progress, unless the subscriber directs otherwise. Most back issues are available.

Contributions appearing herein do not necessarily reflect views of the publisher, staff or Editorial College.