Physiological Chemistry and Physics

Instructions to Authors

SUBMISSIONS: All papers should be sent to:

Pacific Press, Inc.
110 Marcus Drive
Melville, NY 11747    U.S.A.
Attn: Editor

Or Submitted online at:

An author can choose one of two alternative ways to submit a manuscript for publication: the NEW WAY and the OLD WAY. The new way is completely digital with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for figures. In this case the author sends two CD’s containing all the materials of the paper in addition to a single set of a typed version of the article prepared essentially like the old way as described below. Regardless of which way chosen, all authors should read the last three paragraphs below on matter of referees, reprints and page charges respectively.

In the old way, all materials should be typed double-spaced with margins at least one inch wide preferably in Word. In addition to the paper copy, also send a CD containing the manuscript.

Title page should include the title, full name(s) of author(s), full street address, telephone number and fax number if available. Include the email address of the person to whom correspondence, proofs, and reprint requests are to be sent.

Abstract should be concise. Body may or may not be divided into Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, depending on the length and nature of the paper. A list of key words should be given on the title page; they will assist indexers. Also included on the title page, should be a short running title of 40 characters or less, that would be printed eventually on the top corner of one of the pair of facing pages.

TABLES: Tables should be typewritten on separate sheets and identified by roman numerals (eg. Table III) and titles. The approximate locations of tables or figures should be indicated on the margin of the right page.

ILLUSTRATIONS: Original artwork or glossy photographic prints, together with two photocopies (like Xerox copies) should be provided. Each illustration should be numbered on the back in pencil, along with the (senior) author’s name. It is preferred that line drawings be made on paper that is not larger than 81/2 by 13 inches and the drawing be at its intended size on the printed pages. Most figures will occupy 1/2 to full column, that is 5 inches wide. Lines and lettering should be thick enough to withstand all reduction. A drawing of overall dimension of 8 by 10 inches that will be reduced to 1/4 to its original size should be lettered with 18-point (capitals 6 mm, lower-case 4 mm high) or larger lettering.

PHOTOGRAPHS: High-quality black and white glossy prints should be provided in triplicates and may be in the form of one print and two photocopies. Photographs should be attached firmly to a sheet of paper the same size as the manuscript. Photographs that have been scanned and stored as a TIFF file with a resolution of 300 dpi may also be submitted.

REFEREES: Two referees will be sought for each paper. Authors are encouraged to suggest names and addresses of suitable candidates.

REPRINTS: An order form is enclosed with proof sent an author.

PAGE CHARGES: Page charge is $20.00 per published page. It may be waived in the case of severe international exchange difficulties.